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I have a dream friend who I know where he lives up by the river in a small cottage. He always amazes me with his wisdom I don't always remember it all. But I'll try to put it here as briefly as I can
skip the getting their part...
I went in he was sitting on his sofa and made me tea. He said
"today I'd like to talk of origins. Do you know who invented windows? Not Bill Gates. In the beginning of time was chaotic reality all colours, sounds, smells, taste and feelings swirling unconnected, swishing around with no solid pattern or even connection to each other.
Then the universe imagined a white square a box, if you will. As it grew in size it filled all vision,"
At this point I could see what he was telling me at first it was on his TV then I was there ... he continues.
"so all that was was white light and the chaotic sounds quieted and the smells and tastes and feelings stopped completely"
as I turned around I saw the chaos still in full blown "chaos mode" and was aware of small traces of sound but all contained in a window a small square. He continued.
"From there" he said "the universe was able to see new patterns in the chaotic clouds, shapes, patterns, paintings."
The window could become bigger or much smaller and when fully big you were back inside the chaos with a pin hole window back to the white room." It became his TV I was back.
"From inside the room where things are easier to control." suddenly I was back inside the white room "The universe learned to make pictures and feelings have a kind of connection with each other and could make its pictures feel solid more memorable and easier to recreate and so also easier to reproduce, because now it had two ways to bring that picture back. Visual and touch. This was the beginning of creating physical objects." Of course he told me back in the room with my friend now "eventually we added tastes smells sounds and the first atoms were created to build with. He explained the next step was to create a form to use to explore that window to reality a body.
"With sound we started to describe or talk or make sense of the objects." he explained "Give them names WORDS with words we could identify self as the One describing the observed, felt, heard reality that seemed to be "out there."
And with "memories of words" akin to what we call "recordings" we could "chat" to these sounds hear them again and talk to ourself" I looked back to the TV he said "but when observing the self the question WHY? and WHO AM I? forced the creation of a word for self and of course the question of are there others like me." At this point I am back inside the white light room observing swirling chaos try to form pictures to make sense of what he is saying "So when observing the conversations with self. The parts which already existed in time, before, those that were recorded were no longer self but the other older self who once was, the creator who now observes. And then the belief that others could exists became possible, with a trick of time and eventually space. So many beings came to exist. But after a very very long time it was all forgotten and then when it was found again the belief it was now real was more powerful because after all seeing IS believing and some one must have created these things we see, We just forgot it was us, me, I AM who did it. Me... " He looked at me and I was back in the room, I said I always want to tell people about this stuff but it is so much to remember if only I could have a way to write it down and take it out of the dream. He said "you are not dreaming!" and I woke up .......